One might say, “I cannot lose my job! That’s my bread and butter.” Or “I love painting; it is my bread and butter!”

Bread and butter has two meanings. Literally speaking, it is a delicious and age-old pairing of, in it’s most perfect iteration, crunchy brown toasted slabs of baked yeasty goodness topped with glorious spreadable solid golden fat derived from churning some sort of cream, usually the bovine variety. This kind of bread and butter is excellent on its own as a snack, dipped in soup, or browned in a hot pan with slabs of cheese stuffed in the middle.

Figuratively, the idiom “my bread and butter” refers to an essential, sustaining element in one’s life. Which may, in fact, be bread and butter, if you love to eat that sort of thing as I do.

Usually a person has more than one essential, sustaining element in his or her life. For example, the essential, sustaining elements in my life include food, my home and the people in it, yoga, and my dogs – two rambunctious and poorly trained pitbulls named Tux and Hazel.

This is a blog about my bread and butter. What’s yours?