yesterday’s nosh

My morning started with some overnight oats. My recipe is foolproof and fabulous. I did it with almond milk and added blueberries. Trader Joe’s has organic blueberries right now which are HUGE and delicious! Five out of five would recommend. I also had a soy latte. I use unsweetened, unflavored soy milk. The stuff I get at TJ’s has 2 ingredients: soybeans and water. So that is brilliant. Since I got pregnant, black coffee has not been super appetizing to me. But I do not like sugar in my coffee. The latte is super easy to make. You just need a little handheld frother. This is the one I have ($6.59 on Just heat the milk in your mug and froth it until the bubbles are stiff (and it should double or triple in volume. Then gently pour in the coffee from the side so as to not disturb the froth. I enjoyed all of this deliciousness while reading a Michael Connelly mystery and cuddling with my favorite little man.



Then I had to run some errands. When I came back, I mowed the lawn which was hell in this humidity. Baton Rouge has a lot of things going for it. The weather is not one of them. Plus I discovered we have several fire ant nests in our backyard so I waged a jihad on those guys with some kettles of boiling water. It was around 10 am when I finished (carpe diem), so I showered, chugged a mason jar of cold water, and ate half a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip LaraBar.  (Say hello to my fur babies in the background!)


Word to the wise about LaraBars: some of them are delicious. And some of them absolutely suck. So if you have never tried the flavor buy an individual bar rather than a whole box at once until you know you like it. Because they aren’t cheap and you’ll be very sad if you have to throw them away. Another word to the wise, each bar is over 200 calories. They have good protein, but also fat from the nuts and sugar from the dates, so I usually opt for half of one and sometimes have it with a piece of fruit for a snack.

For lunch I recreated one of my favorite sandwiches: The Beach Club from Jimmy Johns. I used my 7 grain bread from La Madeleine, little mayo, mashed avocado, oven roasted turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and sliced red onion. Look at those layers! I cannot describe how perfect this sandwich was. I want another one right now.


I paired it with kettle cooked potato chips. I buy my potato chips in the individual serving bags to keep myself from eating too many of them when I do indulge. It is not much more expensive than buying the big bag, and it is totally worth it if you ask me. And I also had a Pamplemousse (Grapefruit) La Croix (sparkling water). I don’t drink soda (except on very rare occasions) but I love bubbly seltzer!


Then I fired up my slow cooker to make some asian style chicken for dinner. I LOVE my slow cooker. It is such an essential kitchen appliance. Especially if you are trying to cut back on eating out, or just don’t enjoy doing a lot in the kitchen. You just throw everything in there and BAM! A few hours later, you’re eating.  Not a lot of fat necessary…tons of flavor.

Had some personal shit come up in the afternoon. And I needed to clear my head. So, I went to an advanced Vinyasa class. Needed a little yoga. Some people go to church on Sundays. The yoga studio is my church. You see, when I am on the mat, sweating through a vinyasa sequence, I can’t think about anything else. Just my body and my breath. Everything else sort of slips away.


It was an amazing class. I knew it would be interesting when the teacher said, “Hi I am Rose, what’s your name? What’s your sign?”

Me: “Uh…my astrological sign?”

Rose: “Yes.”

Me: “I am a Pices.”

Rose: “Uh oh. Will [the other student in the class] is a Scorpio. You two are NOT compatible. You probably shouldn’t look at each other.”

Plus, Rose was concerned that I was pregnant. She said “This is a very fast-paced class.” But once she found out I was a yoga teacher, she was cool. I love pulling that trump card during this pregnancy. The “everybody shut up, I got this” card. Yoga teacher get nervous in sweaty high intensity classes with pregnant women. The truth of the matter is, unless you are a Prenatal Registered Yoga Instructor, it is unlikely you had any training on pregnancy during yoga teacher training. Which is a mistake, if you ask me. Especially since yoga is, like, every OBGYN and Midwife’s #1 suggestion for prenatal exercise.


So, while I have stayed away from hot yoga, I need my vinyasa flow. I just tell them I am a teacher and I can modify accordingly and they usually relax.

Well I didn’t need to modify anything yesterday. I did the whole advanced class like a champ, sweat and all and 24 weeks pregnant (I was quite impressed with myself, actually). The only other person in the class was a man my age (Will), who is clearly a regular yogi. I kept up with him the whole time. And I felt fabulous. So, I am very glad I went. And disclaimer: I don’t mean that I intentionally kept up with him out of ego. I rested when I needed to. I listened to my body and I did not compare what I was doing to what he did. But I did find I had a lot of energy and mobility today and was feeling really good. So I went for it!

Came home and needed a snack before dinner. So I rolled myself up a little whole wheat tortilla with avocado and provolone and tomato. Delish. And chugged the heck out of some H2O.



This avocado spread was a Walmart Neighborhood Market find. So cool. Literally just chunky mashed up avocado. Nothing else. Takes some of the work out of avocado prep, which I love. In the nursing world, we talk about increased compliance. Patients tend to comply better with a regimen of medication if the meds, for example, take less work to administer. This avocado spread increases my avocado compliance.

Dinner was that slow cooker meal. Slow Cooker Sesame Garlic Chicken. Made it with organic chicken breast from TJ’s. I had it with some steamed broccoli and brown rice. Scrumptious!


Unfortunately I drank so much water before dinner, I couldn’t finish my dinner. But it’ll be so good leftover.

Then I took a bath. Can’t have wine, so I need to find other ways to relax after a trying day lol. Fortunately our house in Baton Rouge has a jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. So that is nice.

When I got out, I was starving again (#pregnancy). So I had a cookie and some milk. Let me tell you about these cookies…they are made by a local grocery store down here called Rouse’s. The cookies are so freaking good. They have chocolate chips, coconut, and macadamia nuts. I love them. The milk was organic (also from TJ’s). Notice my little cookie monster in the background…she was eyeing that thing.

That’s a wrap (pardon the pun). Happy Monday everyone!


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