yesterday’s nosh

The morning started off with a bowl of my favorite Siggi’s Yogurt, a drizzle of honey, and some sliced banana and kiwi.

Siggi’s is a brand of Icelandic style yogurt called skyr. Skyr is a traditional type of yogurt made in Iceland which is very thick (thicker than greek yogurt) and high in protein. You can buy it in all kinds of wonderful flavors like coconut, lingonberry, mixed berry, blood orange (and the more familiar flavors like strawberry and blueberry). It is all natural and they add very little sugar to the flavored varieties so you get that tangy sour flavor that makes yogurt so fabulous.


I would usually buy the 4% or triple cream varieties (I am a big fan of eating full fat dairy…just eat less of it), but the fat free was on sale. So I had the plain Siggi’s (no flavor). There was no fat, but it is so creamy, you’d never know.

Plus when you add fruit and a drizzle of honey…you know everything will be ok.

Speaking of fruit, lets talk about kiwis, because I bet you don’t know how good for you they are. They are like the unsung hero of the produce aisle. Loaded with potassium (with less sugar than bananas), they also have more Vitamin C than their other fruity friends (oranges included). You can check out more about kiwis here, if you are curious.


I also helped myself to a cup (or 2 or 3) of Lapsang Souchong which is this incredible pine-smoked Chinese Black Tea. It is my favorite tea. It smells like a wood fired oven and tastes like smoked fruit and bacon. It is the best way to start the day (especially when pregnancy has ruined your love affair with coffee).

I currently have the pleasure of eating all my breakfasts as slowly as I want to. So this morning I started rereading an old favorite, The Knife Man, about Doctor John Hunter, one of the pioneers of modern surgery. Wendy Moore is the most amazing biographist I have ever read, and if you like medical stuff, I highly recommend this book.


That held me over until lunchtime. I had some leftovers that needed eating so I noshed on a salad made from tomatoes, carrots, and romaine lettuce.

I used OPA Tzatziki Ranch Dressing (which you can get in the produce section of the grocery store.

After a couple of bites, I decided the salad needed a little something, so I added a sprinkle of feta.

I had some leftovers from a Whole Foods lunch date with my husband. So I heated up the fried chicken part (I could not tell who the eff cut this chicken…it was not a breast…and it was not the thigh…very odd). The chicken was actually not very good at all (the only yucky thing I have ever had at whole foods) so I didn’t eat it. This is sort of distressing because if I had eaten it, I would have gotten to the bone and hopefully discerned how they quartered this poor bird. But alas… That said, the mac and cheese and green beans were great. If you have never eaten lunch at Whole Foods it is one of my fave places…stay away from the fried chicken though.

I spent the afternoon cleaning a little and doing some meal prep. I made some granola (the best granola in the entire freaking universe). And some hardboiled eggs for easy snacking. Then, of course I had to check to see if the eggs were done, so I ate one still warm with a little S&P. I sense an article for the “perfect hardboiled egg” coming soon. Oh, and I forgot to take a pic because I ate it too fast.

Then I ate a little sampling of the granola (I couldn’t resist…it smelled so freaking good) with a splash of half and half (told you…full fat dairy is the way to go).


Phew. So then I thought I was going to pop cause I’m not normally a huge snacker. Figured I better walk some of it off, so I took the dogs on a long one. The weather was so perfect. I am going to miss this place when I move. But I have to say my overactive pregnant bladder liked the walk a little less than the rest of me did…

Pre dinner snack included a handful of SkinnyPop, which is like the most delicious snack in existence if you haven’t discovered it yet. Take it from me, a self-proclaimed popcorn aficionado (I LOVE movie theater popcorn more than anything on earth…layered butter please). But this popcorn has a perfectly salty and buttery sort of flavor, without the fat, calories, or artificial flavors. Ingredients: Popcorn, sunflower oil and salt. And the cheapest place to buy it is Costco.


Dinner was awesome. I have been trying to get lots more veggies in my life (this baby WILL love brussels sprouts as much as I do if its the last thing I do!). So we started with a spinach salad with tomatoes, cukes, carrots, and a sprinkle of feta.


I used a homemade balsamic vinaigrette (my dad’s recipe) that I always keep on hand for  drizzling and marinading.


The main course was a vegi overload pasta, which I would have posted the recipe for, but I neglected to measure anything and so I will have to make it again another time. Basically I cooked up some GF pasta and made some spiralized zucchini noodles (I use the Spiral Slicer which you can buy on Amazon for $12.97). I made a quick béchamel (white sauce) with garlic.


*Here is a recipe for basic béchamel.

I used olive oil instead of butter, and almond milk instead of dairy milk (because I didn’t have any dairy milk on hand). Then I buzzed up some frozen cauliflower and water in my NutriBullet to make a high fiber vegi puree and added that to my béchamel. You cannot taste the cauliflower, but it is creamy and white and high in fiber and Vit C. It is a great way to cut fat and calories from creamy sauces (I highly recommend this in mac and cheese). I threw in a few different shredded cheeses I had on hand (light on the cheese) and some garlic powder, cayenne, dried onion, and S&P to taste. The sauce was delicious.

Then I marinated some portobello caps and asparagus (because its spring and its that time of year again for my favorite vegetable!!!) in my dad’s homemade dressing and sautéed it. I threw that in the sauce and added the pasta and Zoodles. I do not think I could have squeezed another vegetable into dinner if I tried. Colons rejoice!!

Image converted using ImgCvt

We grated some parmigiano reggiano over the top and Brian had several servings. This vegetarian (almost vegan) dish was husband approved!! 🙂 🙂 It was freaking delicious, I must say.


I was full (all that fiber!) until nearly 10 pm. I thought about having some fruit, but didn’t know if my poor intestines could take any more roughage before bed. So I ate a chocolate chip cookie instead.


Perfect ending to a delicious day!


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