the perfect hardboiled egg

As promised, to continue my obsession with eggs.

The key here is chill out. Don’t boil the poor things for 15 minutes. They can’t take it. The eggs will burst apart at the seams and you will end up with a mess…not to mention overcooked yolks. Thats how you get that nasty gray (sometimes greenish) ring around the yellow border. To be honest the ring is harmless. It is caused by a reaction between the sulfur in the white and the iron of the yolk. But its unsightly and it doesn’t taste that good.


Plus, overcooked hardboiled eggs are dry and crumbly and mealy…ew.

So, place your raw eggs in a pot and add cold water until they are barely covered. Add baking soda to the cold cooking water. This increases their alkalinity and makes them easier to peel. it won’t change the taste, as long as you rinse the shells once they are cooked.


Put them on the stove on high. Cover them. Bring them to a boil. Let them stay at a rolling boil for 1 minute. Then…listen closely because this is the most important part…remove them from the heat, and leave them covered in the hot water for 15 minutes. Do NOT disturb them. This is their quiet time. It is an egg sauna. Let them have it. Don’t poke and prod them. Don’t remove the lid. Leave them be. The hot water is gently cooking the yolks to golden perfection.


When the fifteen minutes are up, strain out the hot water (carefully so as not to break the shells). Rinse the eggs. Add a lot of ice and water to the pot with the eggs and let them sit in the ice bath for a few minutes. This quickly arrests the cooking process to prevent overcooking.

And that is it. Peel, add salt and pepper (or ketchup if you are a heathen like my husband…its actually pretty delicious) and dig in!




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