eggs benedict

The most glorious breakfast/brunch food ever invented. Truly if I had to choose one breakfast item to have every day for the rest of my life, this is it. I love this one, and you can have so much fun with different variations on the recipe. It is definitely for weekends only. There is just no way to make poached eggs or hollandaise in advance. The recipe is actually very easy, but requires really good time management and multitasking if you want everything to hop out of the pan/oven at the same time.


          Classic Eggs Benedict

I have trialed and errored this several times, and you will have to too if you want to become a benedict master. I usually start with the hollandaise and let it sit covered in the microwave (just to keep the warmth in…don’t turn on the microwave) while I do the rest. The asparagus needs a flash fry in olive oil with a drizzle of water. The eggs need to be gently boiled (see my post regarding the Perfect Poached Egg) and the bread lightly toasted. Traditionally this recipe also comes with a fried slide of canadian bacon, but you can leave it out or sub it for a lot of things…regular bacon, a crab cake, leftover taco meat from the night before, black beans, chorizo, smoked salmon. You can also sub out the traditional english muffin foundation for something more fun…homemade toast, baguette, brioche, cornmuffins (I have even used leftover latkes the night after I make them) . And the asparagus can be subbed out too.

Here are some of my favorite renditions:

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.20.33 PM

…the possibilities are endless. Check out more in this article by Huffington Post.

Anytime you break a runny poached egg over a mixture of veg and/or meat, you are in for a good time…especially when there is toasty bread to sop up the juices.

For surefire delish Hollandaise, I always go with Tyler Florence’s recipe. Works every time.

Nom nom nom.



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