brave little man

My little man, Tux, had to have another surgery this week. He came through it with flying colors, and, I must say, he has been a perfect angel.

He had a little fast growing tumor on his ear which came up in about six weeks. We don’t have the biopsy results yet, but we went ahead and removed it for good measure (and we know its NOT a mast cell tumor *phew!*).


His surgery lasted about 30 minutes and aside from a little anxiety about being in the back of the vet’s office with the other dogs, he did very well. They were able to take a wedge out instead of a big chunk, and sew the ends back together so his ear is still intact (although it won’t lay flat ever again). He has the cutest ears.


The cone barely fit in the back of the car…and he doesn’t much enjoy wearing it, if I’m honest. Plus his left eye is all droopy in this pic from the numbing agent on that one side.


I brought him home. He was drunk as a skunk and passed out on the floor (but wouldn’t let me stop scratching and rubbing his back and belly for two hours). I also gave him a new toy, which he was too tired to play with but he wanted to sleep with it because he is f***ing adorable!


By the evening, Baby Man was walking around, albeit slower and more clumsily than usual, and doing a little light chewing. He ate dinner and got some pain meds. We are 2 days post-op now, and he doesn’t scratch at it at all (so far), which allows me to keep the cone off all day…making him a much happier pup. But he does have to sleep in it, which has been a bit of a challenge since he tries to get under the covers with my husband and I. This dog is my soulmate dog (you dog people know what I mean). He is my whole heart and I am so glad he is ok. 🙂



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